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Community Leader

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Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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Community Leader



About the Role

“412 Ability Tech” is seeking a “Community Manager” to join our team and lead a wide range of community-building and marketing activities. The ideal candidate will be motivated to join our mission of “Making Pittsburgh the most accommodating and empowering city for individuals with disabilities”. The Community Manager will have the responsibility of maintaining the website and the social media, making in-person (and virtual) connections with leading professionals and organizations in Pittsburgh, as well as coordinating events and meeting.

Role Description

This is a hybrid role for Community Manager. The Community Manager will learn the roles of “412 Ability Tech”, “TOM: Pittsburgh”, “Testa-Seat” and other organizations in the ecosystem. Learn about the current collaborations and future potential work, review the website, and be familiar with the ecosystem, board, stakeholders, and organizations.

Level 1 Responsibility

Update and Keep the website updated. (WIX)
Manage and grow the social media channels, (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
Schedule the Meetings and make the agenda. (Google Calendar)
Event coordination of both in-person and virtual events.
Create a Newsletter every two weeks.  
Prepare and present monthly reports to company leadership.
Track success stories, (photography, video, writing, design, audio) to support ongoing outreach and storytelling.
Create relationships with local and regional media outlets to keep the community up to date through a variety of channels.

Level 2 Responsibility: Boost Communications and Growth: Internally/Externally 

Create a 412AT strategy plan, Drive community growth and value proposition.
Creating a social media strategy that will show the influence of 412AT on ability tech and Pittsburgh. Communicating 412’s, TOM's, and Testis’s, goals and vision.
Meet new organizations, summarize the potential, and brainstorm on what opportunities can be established with this organization.
Identify opportunities for 412AT to form partnerships with community members.
Create new relations and invite new stakeholders and members.

Fund Rising 

Set strategy and goals. 
Map possible, donors, supporters 

412 Social Media Content Manager - Advantage

Creating social media content for all 3 organizations separately, and at the same time creating symbiotic relations that each organization benefits the other. 
Create graphics/videos to support content creation for event promotion.
36 Post\month - 3 Post per week for each organization.


Strong leadership and management skills

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Experienced with Microsoft Office and Google (Calendar, Sheets, Doc, etc…)

Experienced with the WIX platform - Advantage.

Experienced or Knowledgeable at the local Ability tech - Advantage.

About the Company

"Empowering Abilities, Transforming Lives"
We are not just creating products; we are shaping a more inclusive, compassionate world where everyone's abilities are recognized, valued, and supported. Together, as a committed and diverse community within this Ability Tech Ecosystem, we can make significant strides towards this vision and truly make a difference.

Our mission is to reinvent Pittsburgh as the most accommodating and empowering city for individuals with disabilities, fueling innovation, and fostering inclusivity at every level of society.

Our vision is to sustainably unite diverse stakeholders in a dynamic pursuit of our mission, fostering opportunities and creating impactful products, and services that transform lives.

Our commitment is to bolster initiatives that employ and generate beneficial goods and services for the physically disabled, championing inclusion and empowerment at every level.

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