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TOM: Pittsburgh Fellowship 2023-24

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

We have received a fantastic response for the TOM 2023-24 fellowship program. Out of the 116 applications received worldwide, a whopping 23 applications have come from prestigious Pittsburgh-based institutions like Duq, Chatham, Pitt, RMU, and CMU.


2 Duq + 2 Pitt + 2 CMU


We will have a talented cohort of 7 passionate students joining us, ready to make a real impact in the PGH disability community. They will be actively involved in creating and delivering assistive technology while spreading the powerful message of inclusion. Get ready for some incredible collaborations and meaningful change ahead!

"Ability Tech Ecosystem" will serve as a bridge for TOM to deliver life-changing products to organizations and individuals. We already started to build the relations with organizations as UPMC, UIC, Camp STAR and more, our ultimate goal is to connect all these organizations and foster a collaborative network that will bring about positive change in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Stay tuned - sign for the news latter


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