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TOM: Pittsburgh GoBabyGo 2024

TOM:Pittsburgh and Duquesne University recently teamed up to host an incredible GoBabyGo event, and we're thrilled to share the highlights and mission of this groundbreaking initiative with you!

GoBabyGo is a pioneering movement dedicated to fostering mobility and independent movement for children with mobility challenges. Through the development and donation of custom-modified ride-on cars, GoBabyGo aims to provide not just mobility but also social inclusion and enhanced quality of life for these amazing kids.

🔧 At the Heart of Innovation 🔧

This event saw a gathering of brilliant minds and compassionate hearts. Volunteers, engineers, therapists, and students came together, putting their skills to work for a noble cause. The collaboration between TOM:Pittsburgh and Duquesne University exemplifies the power of community and technology united for a life-changing purpose.

🚗 Driving Dreams Forward 🚗

The smiles, laughter, and joy evident as children took their first rides in their new, custom-modified cars were truly heartwarming. These moments underscore the essence of GoBabyGo's mission – empowering kids to explore, engage, and experience the world on their terms.

💡 A Call to Action 💡

We are inspired by the success of this event and more committed than ever to support the mission of GoBabyGo. We invite our network to join us in this journey – whether by volunteering, spreading the word, or contributing in any way you can. Together, we can make a world of difference, one ride-on car at a time.

Let's continue to drive change, create impact, and enrich lives. Here's to many more successful events and to a future where every child has the freedom to move, play, and dream. 🌈✨

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